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    In the beginning there was silence and darkness all across the metal waters in the northern city of Slovakia called Zilina. None of a few attempts of some, for these days forgotten metal fighters to win a battle and bring the metal music to these lands at least, was successful. But then, when every metal heart was losing it's hope, the real metal warriors came... Fuck that bullshit! Here are some real facts:

   1999: I played the guitar in a third regular band already (it was called "Bez Nazvu") and I always felt like I want to record something else, some of my ideas which can stay untouched by other people (other members of the band). From my childhood I was being influenced by many true metal bands and so was my way of learning how to play the guitar.
    We were prepairing a new CD with the "Bez Nazvu" band and I decided to take advantage of a visit in a studio. Me and the drum player from the band, whose name is Stanley Novak understood each other very well and during our jam sessions before or after the band rehearsals, we rehearsaled two small compositions I wrote before. We recorded them at the studio and we formed a project that was called "Extreme Terror".

   2002: The life blows a man very often to the most unexpected places and I found myself in the professional army. Why, how and what for, those are the questions for a different debate. The basic thing is that I didn't stop playin the guitar and it (she) was still a part of my life. And so as to anywhere else, the guitar made a trip to the piecekeeping mission in Syria (Golan Heights) with me, where I spent one year and whre I wrote in my free time enough songs for an album. I decided to record them and it seemed to me that the best idea would be record them as soon as possible - while my holiday in Slovakia (I live just once) some time before ending my work in Syria. I started to manage everything by an email and the phone. I made an appointment with Adrian Ciel and Alex Krokker, I ordered a studio and I recorded the material on audiocassetes for the guys. After my arrival to Slovakia, we started working immediately and after only six rehearsals we went to a studio that was my first experience with a hard disc recording by the way. But what was my disappointment and shock when after two weeks the sound engineer told that his system fell (thanx for windows, Bill!!! although the XP is much better, but it still has its...) and he's not able to reconstruct my music projects (something happend with HD as well). Yeah, his system fell, but my whole world fwll, too! So I got fuckin drunk and in a few days I went back to Syria. Of course, the studio offered me a new recording with a big discount and that happened on my next holiday in Slovakia. Two weeks in a studio (Alex and Adrian spent just two first days there) and my project was born. On an Adrian's idea I named it the Baron Blade. Adrian found it following my initials. It was a project and I was thinking about it as about the project to the future. But after a short time I fused the band 'Glorion', we continued as the Baron Blade and we played songs by both Glorion and Baron Blade.
    I can't forget my good friend Rasto Palus, which is a good graphic designer, he made a cover to my CD and after making up the band he became a nonplaying member of the band (he worked on a web site etc.).
    Personally I'm not looking too nice at the record 'Xtreme Power Of Metal' by the Baron Blade, today. But I take it as a unique from the view of its birth, its response from people (even if it's no too big). I afford to say that I play my instrument much better nowadays, I'm still learning and growing and I have different requirements for a recording itself, for the bandmates and for myself, too. Primal Baron Blade thanks for its survivng until these days just to the people, not to me and I thank to those people for that, this way. Thank You, people! Real thanx from the deep of my metal heart.

   2003: Maybe it was my directing of the the band, maybe a cold weather and maybe it was completely something else what was causing inner conflicts inside the band. The beggest problems were between... well, it doesn't matter today. Just some changes happened. The Glorion band renewed with its old members and the Baron Blade acted at the same time. The healthy core was created by me and Adrian of course (he played in the Glorion together) and there was a new member which worked very actively right from his start in the band - my good friend Lukas Rusnak. We solved our problems with the bass guitar (both guitarists played 7 string guitars already and Alex stayed on the 4 string bass) by a special guest, excellent bass guitarist, pretty well known in our town - Dusan Labuda.

   2004: Due to many reasons, besides playing in a lot of bands, Adrian has left the band. His place behind the drums perfectly filled 'the Rabit' - Martin Kralik a the bass guitar player, Dusan Labuda, became a regular mamber of the band. In these days, the band had the best conditions to work, but... There is always some 'but'. The band didn't sound as a Baron Blade from the CD (I didn't direct it alone, everybody inside was workin, which was superb, I think) and people at the gigs, expecting speed metal riffs, didn't recognize us. That's why we dicided to continue with a new name, new image and our present sound. More Than Fest 2004 was the last gig we played as the Baron Blade. That was the end of the Baron Blade band.

   2005: It wasn't that huge and strong but sometimes, some reactions and responses to the Baron Blade seemed to me unbelievable and it was the same about the record of Extreme Terror, which I didn't consider to be - let me use the word - nothing perfect. Every reaction increased its strength with a fact that I haven't done anything with my record for a long time (more than a year), I haven't sent it anywhere, haven't played it anywhere and before, in the time when I was doing something with a record, it wasn't anything serious, I mean I didn't push it any hard. It was some time in the spring of 2005, I can't remember exactly now, when I started thinking about a resumption of the Baron Blade. Anyone who knows me, knows that other styles are not strange to me, let me mention my past band LOX, present WICKED GAME, my perfoming as a guest in DOOMED, my cover version record PERFECT DAY, two-language opera that I'm working on, etc. but this is a theme for another place. I'd like to say that I'm still developing myslef, I'm still tryin to learn something new and that's why it would be a bullshit to await that a new record signed 'Baron Blade' will be the same like the old one.
There's enough written songs but 'cause of money and the other problems I decided to record less songs but in a higher quality. I spoke to Adrian, who agreed with his appearing on a project and we started new rehearsals immediately. I'll record other instruments by myself probably, maybe some exceptions will occur. I'll sing as well but I'm counting on some other vocalists. I started to write this site, I registered inetrnet adress, hired a space on the net, made some copies of the old CD, so I hope those few people will stay loyal to me, maybe some others will join them, but mostly I hope I can make a new CD as good as possible and as soon as possible...

   2006: Baron Blade plays live again!
Brian Adrian Victor - Broken Bone

 past band configurations:

Extreme Terror:
Brian "Brutus" Bajak - guitars, vocals
Stano "Stanley" Novak - drums

Baron Blade (2002):
Brian "Brutus" Bajak - guitars, leading vocals, keyboards
Alex Krokker - bass
Adrian "Steel" Ciel "Finish" - drums
Jan "Glorian" Stubna - guitar, vocals
Rastislav "Kremienoc" Palus - nonplaying member

Baron Blade (2003):
Brian "Brutus" Bajak - guitars, lead voice, keyboards
Lucas "Ruso" Rusnak - guitars
Adrian "Steel" Ciel - drums, vocals
Dusan Labuda - special guest, bass guitars
Rastislav "RastoPriest" Palus - nonplaying member

Baron Blade (2004):
Brian "Brutus" Bajak - guitars, lead voice, keyboards
Lucas "Ruso" Rusnak - guitars
Martin "Zajo" Kralik - drums
Dusan Labuda - bass guitars
Rastislav "RastoPriest" Palus - nonplaying member

Baron Blade (2006):
Brian "Brutus" Bajak - guitars, leading vocals, keyboards
Luke Sugar - guitars
Victor "Broken Bone" Krajci - bass
Adrian "Steel" Ciel - drums

Baron Blade 2007:
Brian "Brutus" Baják - guitars, leading vocals, keyboards
Roman Šupej - guitars, vocals
Viktor "Broken Bone" Krajčí - bass
Adrian "Steel" Ciel - drums

Background Music: